Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Everyday look

This post is just a post about my daily outfit, to go to campus, to go to mall, to go to somewhere else, enjoy it everyoneeeee!!! :)

i love wearing accessoris in every condition because accessoris make everything perfect, but you have to think about the ocation when you wear accessoris..
i just wear a casual outfit everyday, i wear what i love, but i love the pastel color most, because i think pastel is so cute an sweet, but not in every ocation i wear pastel, because i love all colors, such as black and white, red, dark purple and etc.

(don't ever wear to much accessoris, and just wear a casual outfit)
Go out with friends, go lunch, go to Mall
(you can wear a little bit much accessoris to make up your style, wear a mini dress is very cute for me, it makes you look taller and slim, if you don't feel confidence to wear a mini skirt you can wear a thight to close your feet, and it looks nice too (see picture in the right side ) )

These are some of my accessoris
(ring, necklace, headband, sunglasses)

happy trying my tips guys :)

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