Sunday, 11 November 2012


Last week i went to Jogjakarta to attended my friend's wedding.
on that my short trip, i was really enjoying being there. i bought a lovely dress in Mirota Batik at Malioboro street and new lovely red hat. here are some picture that took at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

 Super Big thanks to Tunjung that took those great pic for us :)


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pastel Polka

Pastel and Polka are still my favourites, they are too sweet to be blended hahhaha. as same as my heart feeling, its shown happiness and cheerful,. nowadays i just feel so happy because of one reason but i don't want to say it now, until its happen hahahaha.. so pray for me so the thing will be happened soon. XOXO

Friday, 27 July 2012

Perfect Summer

 Hai everyone.. meet me again. i'm such have a lot of time to update my blog, because i have recently graduated and i became a Master of Notary hehehe. and now i have no job yet so i have more time to bloging hehehhe.
oke back to the title of my post today, as we know Indonesia has only 2 seasons, rainy season and summer or we can say in Indonesia is always summer all over the year hehehe. in this July i feel the perfect summer, with the lil bit rainy sometimes. and it's time to wear some floral dress, short, mini skirt and many colors. really excited to wear some colorfull pattern and material. :) 



Monday, 23 July 2012

Pastel Obsession

In this season, Pastel is becoming so popular. these soft colors are so pretty and sweet forever. i'm one of fans of Pastel colors, for me pastel is long lasting, never been out of date, classy, sweet, romantic and beautiful. can't get enough to say how much i love these colors :). and here's some inspiration i got today :

How about your obsession? what kind of color do you like peeps?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mid Year

we're already in mid year, and it's already ramadhan. happy fasting for all moslem in the world :)
as you know (maybe) i'm addicted to lace and skirt, so many skirts i have and so many lace shirts that i have too hehehe. i'm not good as model but  i'm trying my best to show up my style on my blog. yesterday i had photoshhot with mom (yes my mom is getting better of taking picture) infront of my house, not really good because i did it in the middle of the day, so hot hahahah, but i love it. hope you love it too. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Super Short Holiday

About less than two weeks ago, i went to Bandung with my mom, only one day and one night. but so lovely :) , as usual Bandung is always really good for visiting. so much place to visit and the weather is so cool, because i have lived in bandung before, i miss the foods so much. hehe

 I got this beautiful flower dress from online the mustard color. i got the hat from friend from singapore and the price is only 5.8 SG$, it was really cheap, that blue bow on my hat is my scarf i tied it on the hat to make it more chic :) and that blue vintage bag i got from my mom, you can buy it at charles and keith store

Monday, 4 June 2012

We Had A Good Time

My boyfriend Aditya came to town last 2 week,. actually i didn't know that he would come because he didn't tell me anything, it was suprising me A LOT!! but really happy at that time.
And we really had a good time, such as went shopping (pssttt my boyfie actually likes shopping too hahahhaa), eating, watching some movie. :)

see you soon darling, i miss you so much. very bad bad bad. it was so good to see you. :)

with love,

Sunday, 3 June 2012


huhuhuhu how's life people?
i'm  not such a good blogger, i couldn't update my blog continously, so many time that pass, because of one word THESIS. fiuhhhhh 
i'm going crazy this week and next week and the next next week.
my thesis makes me stress,the matter isn' about the subject but the lecturer!
from day to day he makes it more difficult, everyone is looking for him, and he canceled our meeting again and again. yes i know he actually so busy but pleas Sir don't forget about us.
next week is the deadline!!!! so pray for me guys!  

with love,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Instagram Addict

hello everyone, it is a long long weekend in Indonesiaaaa...
hulalaaa, there are some duties that i have to do and finish as soon as posible. yup! my thesis!
this week will be such a hard week, busy and alone. wooppss
but my life could be more fun with my lovely application on my iphone called INSTAGRAM, yes i thought that you've already known about this super famous app :)

here are some random pictures that i posted on my instagram (levirta) :
when i was at Perth

it's actually cactus not a starfruit :)

let's the sunshine in
my baby Aditya

let's find and install this app on your phone, you'll addict on it :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012


yesterday, i went to salon for accompanying my bestfriend tiara (@tiaratarri), she wanted cut her hair.
after she cut her hair and voiiillaaaaaaa! the result was so satisfying, and after that i was thinking to cut my hair too.. hahaha..
after we went out from salon for some bussiness, we went back to salon again, and i decided to cut may hair too. and you know, my hair became extremly short!!! oh my god! but it's okay  i can figure it out, and i thought a new look for me is not really bad. hahaha.

voila, this is the first picture that i take with my polaroid camera after i cut my hair :

this is my first short hair cut after year by year ago :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012


i'm gonna introduce my mom. she's a great and beautiful mom and also multi talented mother :)

She's beautiful, isn't she? :)
Love you much mom

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Vintage Style and Tone

these photos was taken at my house garden, my brother took it for me. so lovely
i just wore a midi lace dress and amelie beige shoes from iwearup and sunglasses from charles and keith
really love this vintage style. :)

i feel taller because of this wedges. i've been waiting more than 2 weeks to get the wedges but has no disappointed, really love the color and model :)

Studio Photoshoot

a month ago i went to studio photo, then i did some photoshoot.
i've never planed this before, i just went show hahahah because i did nothing at home and get bored.
the theme color was pink. had so much fun there hehehehehe

here is some of the results :

fyi: accessories that i wore are my shop collection 

the results are not so bad right? hahahha