Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Everyday look

This post is just a post about my daily outfit, to go to campus, to go to mall, to go to somewhere else, enjoy it everyoneeeee!!! :)

i love wearing accessoris in every condition because accessoris make everything perfect, but you have to think about the ocation when you wear accessoris..
i just wear a casual outfit everyday, i wear what i love, but i love the pastel color most, because i think pastel is so cute an sweet, but not in every ocation i wear pastel, because i love all colors, such as black and white, red, dark purple and etc.

(don't ever wear to much accessoris, and just wear a casual outfit)
Go out with friends, go lunch, go to Mall
(you can wear a little bit much accessoris to make up your style, wear a mini dress is very cute for me, it makes you look taller and slim, if you don't feel confidence to wear a mini skirt you can wear a thight to close your feet, and it looks nice too (see picture in the right side ) )

These are some of my accessoris
(ring, necklace, headband, sunglasses)

happy trying my tips guys :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

went to bandung


3 days ago, i and two of my friends went to bandung, because we miss being there, miss the culinary, miss the place and miss everything thereeee...

and then because my b'day is on 3rd March, my friends gave me a surprise, they bought me a cheseecake, and i really love it.. :)
and sari (one of my friends) took a picture of me by a polaroid camera, i really like it.. :)

yes, i'm getting older

before went back to jakarta, i tried to be a fashion stylish for sari.. haha maybe it just a advice to wear a denim shirt and mix it with a dress.. what i love from her denim shirt is it's a couple shirt, her boyfriend was wearing the same shirt at that time.. very cute! :)
check this out !!

lovely, rite?

but we couldn't stay longer there, because we had to go to jakarta as soon as posible, so we couldn't take many pictures of the city :(
but soon we will be back, and share it with you all guys :)

and the last, i want to show you the sky when we was in tol cipularang, very nice weather an sky

so niceeeeeeeeee!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


i'm happy to see you all again, after a long day, week and years i've never posted my blog..
since i decided to changed my blog into a fashion blog.
now this is my first posting!!! yipiieeee!

Homestay in perth is one of my best experience ever!
love my day by day in perth, love my friends there.

tips :
because in Australia the winter season it's not really cold, so you don't need a very thick coat.
but it will be colder in the night and morning

near the swan river

another city in Perth

sandboarding :)

cotteslo beach

Perth city

Perth is beautiful city and i love being thereeeeeeee!!