Monday, 5 September 2011


hai hai hai..
today i"m gonna share about how to wear shorts.. i hope it will be your inspiration for your everyday looks.

check this out :
1. White shorts

 mix it with the layers outer, wear tone colors such as brown, beige, white, or ivory.

wear a flowery shirt, it's so summery. and also wear a thin brown belt to make it nice

2. Denim Shorts

wear it to go to beach

wear it as an everyday outfit 
mix it with a cartoon shirt

HAPPY EID 1432 H !!

hai all after a long time i didn't update my blog, now i have lit bit spare time to write something unwritten. hehe

how are you guys? still there? still busy? still exist? :)
Now. after one month we were fasting, we celebrate big day for moslem. yes. an eid day
so i want to apologize for every single mistakes that i've done before..

ok guys, my family have an tradition or habbit to wear a special outfit in these "BIG" day..
in every year we always wear same outfit for the whole family, for example : the pattern, the colors, the style.
now for this year we wore same outfit again but only the pattern, the colors and style it depends on personal.
there we are guys!!

me, behind my mom and my aunt ( i was not hiding :p )


Me and my Cousins

so guys what about your family? do you wear same outfit too?